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89.00 In stock Boken With Tsuba White Oak Japan Quality

Boken With Tsuba White Oak Japan Quality

Price: 89 zł

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Opis produktu

Very good quality bokken with tsuba included.

Made of hardwood - WHITE OAK HIGH QUALITY


Occasionally, the boken may be thicker, e.g. by 1 mm, which makes the plastic tsuba more difficult to insert,
in this case, gently saw the tsuba with a file or a small knife.
The tsuba should slide in tightly to keep the tsuba firmly held under the elastic at the side.
You should also check if the inserted tsuba is facing the right side and fits the shape.

Overall length: 102 cm
Handle: 26.5 cm
Blade: 75.5 cm
Weight approx: 500 g

It is a product made of white oak - wood that is exotic for our climate zone.
We recommend impregnating it by rubbing the wood preservation surface in order to avoid excessive drying of the wood.
Do not place this product vertically, near a heater, or in wet places.
Small grooves on the surface are characteristic of this type of wood and cannot be the basis for a complaint.

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Other clients' comments

    • 5

    Nowa jakość bokena różniąca się od poprzedniego. W takich sklepach nie myśli się o zwrotach, raczej występują zawroty głowy od wysokiej jakości produktu. Wysyłka błyskawiczna

    • 5

    Bardzo dobry Shinai, jestem bardzo zadowolony, miecz jest BARDZO katowany na treningach i jak narazie pojawiło się tylko malutkie uszkodzenie. Ważne żeby miecz regularnie konserwać.

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