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57.00 In stock Plastic Boken - Polymer

Plastic Boken - Polymer

Price: 57 zł

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Opis produktu

A classic model of the box intended for training, made of high-quality polymer type material.
This boken has the traditional shape of a Japanese katana, tsuba ensuring comfort and safety during training.
The handle is covered with a special type of profiled material, which provides a secure grip and additionally absorbs shocks resulting from an impact.
Plastic tsuba, separating the blade and the handle, protects the hand of the trainee against unforeseen impact.
Boken has a solid structure, but like any badly used product, it can be destroyed.
Polymer boxes should be cleaned with a cloth with mild cleaning agents.
Bokken is recommended to adepts Ken Do, Ken Jitsu, Aikido, Iaido and everyone interested in starting their adventure with the Japanese art of sword.

Black tsuba. Tsuba cannot be chosen. We ship as is available at the moment.

Total length of the box: 98 cm
Handle length: 24 cm
Blade length: 74 cm
Weight: approx.0.54 kg

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Other clients' comments

    • 5

    Dobra jakość plastiku, trenuję iaido. Zamówiłem z saya, idealne dopasowanie.

    • 5

    Bardzo ładny miecz i doskonały do treningu :) Polecam!

    • 5

    Miecz jest zgodny z opisem...szybka wysyłka..Polecam :)

    • 5

    miecz jest starannie wykonany polecam

    • 5

    Gorąco polecam ten bokken miałem go na treningu i bardzo dobrze jest wywarzony
    Polecam dl osób średnio zaawansowanych

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