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18.00 In stock Mouthguard Single Gel White

Mouthguard Single Gel White

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Opis produktu

Mouthguard - single GEL.
Size: universal. Packed in a box

One-piece upper jaw protector made of elastic, well-forming silicone material and gel.
The jaw is made of two layers, which makes it up to three times thicker than traditional mouthguards, ensuring the safety of teeth and jaws.
It allows free breathing and a great sense of comfort for the user. The gel lining is a material that has the ability to accurately imprint the teeth. It provides tightness and comfort.
Allows easy breathing during use. Rubber function - provides maximum protection for the teeth, the entire jaw and, indirectly, the brain.
The rubber tabs are a feature that prevents the protector from moving during use.
The protector adjusts to the jaw by shaping it by immersing it in hot (not boiling water!) Water.
Additionally, the set includes a practical box for hygienic storage of the protector.
Used in all combat sports.

White - outer layer white - inner blue

Other clients' comments

    • 5

    Nie wypadają mi z gęby, dobra ochrona. Szybka wysyłka. Dobra jakość wykonania i zero problemów przy formowaniu.

    • 5

    wygodny doskonale się trzyma w buzi

    • 5

    Rewelacja polecam bardzo elastyczny nie śmierdzi chińską gumą. Super

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