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14.00 In stock Kubotan Profiled

Kubotan Profiled

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Opis produktu

Kubotan is made of a light and very durable metal alloy. Kubotan intended for self-defense. Perfect for training various types of techniques,
as well as for self-defense, it can also be used as a key ring so you always have it with you.
Kubotan is very often used for training on human vital points (e.g. nerve points).
The pointed tip increases the impact force, and the appropriately profiled shape enables a firm grip.

Kubotan is a very multifunctional tool.
Thanks to the special grooves for the fingers, the grip is more secure, and the kubotan does not slip out of the hand during the impact.
The grooves are made to perfectly match the hands of the trainee. A better grip guarantees that the kubotan will not move when defending,
and the energy of the impact will be directed entirely at the opponent.

Available in colors: black

The length of the kubotan itself: 14 cm

Other clients' comments

    • 5

    Nie do walki a do kluczy kupiłem. Ładnie wygląda. Szybka wysyłka i dobra jakość.

    • 5

    Zakupione do masażu. Nie ma się do czego przyczepić, polecam.

    • 5

    Dobry produkt, jakość, po latach wygląda tak samo. Pioronująco szybka wysyłka.

    • 5

    Posiadam ten kubotan od paru lat, właśnie ze sklepu Bokken i powiem że wart swojej ceny. Lekki, wytrzymały oraz dyskretny, w odpowiednich rękach zabójczo niebezpieczny, idealny do obrony w napadach. Polecam 10/10

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