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32.00 In stock Bruce LEE Blue Foam Nunchaku

Bruce LEE Blue Foam Nunchaku

Price: 32 zł

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Opis produktu

Nunchaku made of plastic covered with foam. With bearing, connected by a chain. Good for beginners or for training with a partner.
You can safely bring your skills to perfection, and then switch to professional nunchucks.

Baton length: about 28 cm
Chain length: approx.12.5 cm
Overall length: 77 cm
Weight: approx. 280 g

Gold pattern on a blue background.

In the absence of the selected pattern, we will ship the currently available.

Other clients' comments

    • 5

    Szybka dostawa, wszystko w terminie, produkt bardzo solidnie wykonany

    • 5

    Bardzo pozytywne zaskoczenie i szybka dostawa.

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