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189.00 In stock Boxing gloves RBT-MFE 12 oz

Boxing gloves RBT-MFE 12 oz



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Opis produktu

The MASTERS RBT-MFE boxing gloves were designed for players who value comfort and safety.
Made of natural leather.
Perfect for training with a partner and sparring.
Very comfortable, perfectly contoured, they provide full hand closure, i.e. comfort during training.

Flat "American Style" construction. Thumb sewn to the main part of the glove with a leather strap. The specially contoured main part of the glove covers the thumb, thanks to which the thumb is not exposed to injury.

The cushioning insert is made of multi-layer foam. Ideally, it is used to absorb strong blows.

The main part of the glove is made of one piece of leather, thanks to which the wrist is additionally stiffened.
Decorative stitching on the back of the glove additionally improves the functionality of the equipment - they strengthen and stiffen the gloves and stabilize the wrist.
The gloves are fastened with a wide 8 cm Velcro.
The lining of the gloves is made of durable polyester material, comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

Packed in a Velcro-fastened bag.

Weight: 12 oz in the colors of: orange, green, yellow

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