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119.00 In stock Judo Adidas Evolution II J250E White

Judo Adidas Evolution II J250E White



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Opis produktu

Kimono intended mainly for beginners and intermediate skiers, intended for children (judo, ju jitsu and aikido). It is the perfect garment for training and competition.
Braid weight 250g / m2. To make the kimono more durable and comfortable, a blend of cotton and polyester was used.

What does size mean - 2 in 1?

Evolution II Judo has rolled up sleeves and legs, pulling one thread increases the size. So forget about the fact that a child will quickly grow out of this Judogi.

A light braided line will provide comfort, lightness and breathability.

Available sizes: 110/120 cm, 120/130 cm, 130/140 cm, 140/150 cm. 150/160 cm.

Judoga Adidas Evolution II J250E

Other clients' comments

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    Polecam Sprzedawcę, judoga którą kupiłem jest starannie wykonana. Dziękujemy i życzymy jak najwięcej transakcji.

    • 5

    Bardzo szybka dostawa a Adidas to sprawdzona firma.

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