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72.00 In stock Kaku Obi Iaido, Kendo 5 M belt

Kaku Obi Iaido, Kendo 5 M belt

Price: 72 zł

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Opis produktu

Kaku obi a wide obi belt for the hakama. Perfect for iaido, aikido, kenjutsu and others where we use hakama.
The belt has a soft and flexible filling, and moreover it is stitched about 16 times, which makes it strong.

A wide belt, 5 m long, intended, among other things, to carry a sword - iaito.
Length tolerance + - 3% - this is due to the production method and the shrinkage of the material during stitching.

Black colour
Width: 8 cm
Length: 5 m
Material: 100% cotton
Weight: 0.5 kg

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    bez zarzutów polecam na 100%

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    bardzo praktyczny pas. Polecam

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