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67.00 In stock Yellow Breaking Boards

Yellow Breaking Boards

Price: 67 zł

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Opis produktu

Multiple breaking boards. Made of plastic and foam.
A version for children, more in the form of fun than training. Very delicate version.
Dimensions approx: 30.5 x 23 x 1 cm

Do not use at temperatures below 5 ° C, and avoid falling the board on a hard surface as it may be damaged.
The durability of the board is limited and its multiple breaking is in the range of several dozen fractures, depending on the method
use and many factors, such as: precise, perpendicular blows to the center.

Other clients' comments

    • 5

    Deska droga bo 62 zł .. ale przeliczyłem ile zaoszczędziłem rozbijając ją 54 razy zanim padła.
    Pareset zł. Dzięki za deskę.

    • 5

    Rewelacja! Może trenować na okrągło :)

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