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Kendo Gi, Iaido Gi

Kendo comes from a fencing called kenjutsu, practiced in Japan, while Iaido is the art of drawing a sword, a Japanese version of fencing known as BUDO.

We have original kendo costumes and equipment as well as Iaido: hakams, keikogi, shitagi, black iaido sweatshirts, obi belts, tenugui scarves and swords in the category of weapons. Saya for wooden swords (iaido) or sharp katanas.


Bogu to Kendo -16% Promocja

1 600 zł 1 350 zł

Bogu to Kendo

(Rate: 5.00)

Hakama Aikido Iaido Kendo Navy blue -10% Promocja NEW

156 zł 140 zł

Hakama Aikido Iaido Kendo Navy blue

(Rate: 5.00)

Hakama Rayon Comfort -19% Promocja

160 zł 130 zł

Hakama Rayon Comfort

(Rate: 5.00)