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Rubber dummies

Dummy products from our offer are proven, good quality products that we have been selling for many years. We offer dummy AK-47 rifles in two versions, with or without bayonet, P-83 rubber pistols, Beretta, Glock 17, Glock 19 and Smith & Wesson.

Rubber weapons also include rubber knives, which can be used to train self-defense techniques or krav madze. They are also very popular among uniformed services. Short or long rubber truncheons (so-called lola) can be very useful, which are perfect for self-defense.


Ak-47 rubber rifle -26% Promocja BESTSELLER

169 zł 125 zł

Ak-47 rubber rifle

(Rate: 5.00)

Glock 17 Rubber Pistol BESTSELLER

35 zł

Glock 17 Rubber Pistol

(Rate: 5.00)