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Traditional Japanese costumes. Currently intended for both men and women. Most popular in aikido and kendo. Hakama in aikido means the higher student or master. These pleated pants, very wide, allow freedom of movement in combat

Pleats mean virtues: goodness, justice, kindness, wisdom and intelligence, sincerity and honesty, loyalty and faithfulness, honor. For tying, four straps are used which are called "himo". The pants have seven pleats, five in the front and two in the back.


Hakama Aikido Iaido Kendo Navy blue -10% Promocja NEW

156 zł 140 zł

Hakama Aikido Iaido Kendo Navy blue

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Hakama Rayon Comfort -19% Promocja

160 zł 130 zł

Hakama Rayon Comfort

(Rate: 5.00)